Nha�?ng quA?n kem hoa qua?? ngon – A�a��c – la?? a�Y HA� Na��i

BA?n ca??nh cA?c loa??i kem truya�?n tha��ng quen thua��c, cA?c ba??n tra?� HA� ThA�nh gia�? A�A?y cA? thA?m nhia�?u la��a cha�?n ma��i va��i cA?c loa??i kem hoa qua?? ha??p da?�n vA� ba??t ma??t.

1. Kem Lick N Bite

Tuy ma��i xua??t hia��n a�Y HA� Na��i trong ma��t tha�?i gian nga??n nh?�ng Lick N Bite A�A? thu hA?t A�A?ng A�a??o cA?c ba??n tra?� A�a??n th?�a�Yng tha��c. Tha��c A�??n ca��a quA?n ra??t phong phA? cho ba??n la��a cha�?n ta�� chanh, dA?u, d?�a ha??u, kiwi, tA?o, trA?i cA?y ra��ng…

Na??m ba??t A�?�a�?c tA?m lA? ca��a gia��i tra?� thA�ch hA�nh tha��c A�a??p A�a�? pose hA�nh vA� check-in nA?n Lick N Bite A�A? sA?ng ta??o ra nha�?ng chia??c kem cA? ma?�u mA? ra??t da�� th?�??ng. Sau khi cha�?n A�?�a�?c va�� kem yA?u thA�ch, ba??n la??i tia??p ta�?c A�?�a�?c tha�?a thA�ch la��a cha�?n cA?c va�� topping A�a�? A?n kA?m vA� trang trA�.


CA?c loa??i topping bao ga��m: da��a sa??y, ha??t ha??nh nhA?n, ha??t pha��, ha??t da?� c?�a�?i, ha??t chocolate hay ba��t cA� phA?. Va�� kem vA� hA�nh tha��c ca��a chia??c kem cA? ha�?p vA� A�a��c A�A?o hay chA�nh lA� do sa�� sA?ng ta??o ca��a ba??n khi la��a cha�?n topping A�a??y. Na??u lA� tA�n A�a�� ha??o nga�?t, ba??n cA? tha�? tha�� ma��t chia??c kem nhA?ng va��i chocolate A�en hoa?�c tra??ng.

GiA? kem lA� 19.000 – 25.000 A�a��ng/ 1 chia??c, ga�?i thA?m topping lA� 3.000 A�a��ng. Va��i cha??t l?�a�?ng ngon thA� giA? ca?? nh?� va?�y lA� hoA�n toA�n phA? ha�?p pha??i khA?ng nA�o.
A?a��a cha��: C?? sa�Y 1: 150 A� Cha�? Da��a – A?a��ng A?a – HA� Na��i
C?? sa�Y 2: 28A Nguya��n ThA?i Ha�?c – Ba A?A�nh – HA� Na��i.

2. Thai Taste

Thai Taste lA� quA?n A�a�� ua��ng trA?i cA?y nh?�ng ma?�t hA�ng kem hoa qua?? la??i A�?�a�?c bA?n cha??y h??n ca?? ba�Yi h?�??ng va�� th??m ngon vA� A�a da??ng. QuA?n cA? kem xoA�i chanh leo, kem que d?�a ha??u, kem b??, kem chanh leo da��a, kem kiwi… Kem cA? va�� t?�??i mA?t ta�� hoa qua?? t?�??i, nga�?t thanh da��u da��u cha�� khA?ng nga�?t sa??c nh?� cA?c loa??i kem truya�?n tha��ng.

CA?ch gia�? nhia��t cho kem ra??t A�a��c A�A?o lA� A�a�? kem trA?n A�A? la??nh vA� A�a?�t trong ma��t chia??c cha??o nhA?m nA?n A�?�a�?c cA?c ba??n tra?� vA? cA?ng thA�ch thA?.

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GiA? ma��t chia??c kem xinh A�a??p nh?� tha?? nA�y lA� 20.000 A�a��ng cA?c ba??n nhA�.
QuA?n ma�Y ca��a ta�� 8h30 A�a??n 22h30 hA�ng ngA�y.
A?a��a A�ia�?m: 25 Quang Trung – HoA�n Kia??m – HA� Na��i.

3. Kem Ni-t?? IC Lab

Nghe tA?n A�A? tha??y loa??i kem nA�y ra??t A�a?�c bia��t ra��i A�A?ng khA?ng cA?c ba??n. B?�a��c vA�o quA?n kem, ba??n nh?� A�ang la??c vA�o ma��t phA?ng thA� nghia��m tha��c sa�� ta�� mA?y lA�m kem, a��ng tiA?m b??m siro vA� nhA?n viA?n pha�?c va�? ma?�c trang pha�?c blouse tra??ng. Kem A�?�a�?c cha?? bia??n ta�� cA?c loa??i hoa qua??, A�a?�t trong chia??c ca��c nha��a xinh xa??n, bA?n trA?n kem A�?�a�?c r?�a��i ma��t chA?t siro chocolate.


Khi khA?ch ga�?i kem, cha�� quA?n sa?? tha��c hia��n khA?u cha?? bia??n: cho sa�?a t?�??i lA�m kem tra��n A�a�?u va��i trA?i cA?y ra��i ba�? vA�o mA?y lA�m kem vA� sa�� da�?ng khA� ni-t?? la�?ng A�a�? lA�m A�A?ng la??i. ChA�nh vA� tha?? mA� kem a�Y A�A?y cA? tA?n ga�?i lA� kem ni-t??. CA?c ba??n hA?y tha�� ma��t la?�n ghA� A�a??n A�a�? ca??m nha?�n sa�� A�a��c A�A?o ca��a quA?n kem Ni-t?? IC Lab nhA�.
A?a��a cha��: 50A NgA� A?A�o Duy Ta�� – HoA�n Kia??m – HA� Na��i.

Qua�?nh Nguya��n

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